August 10, 2010

Rip It A Little Bit More, Then Shovel!

Apparently while ripping up the dining room carpet I got a bit distracted:

You see the polish remover? Clearly I must have had to remove chipped polish, Lord forbid I remove carpet with chipped polish! Seriously though, I have absolutely no clue why that is even there, but I do know why the paint fan is there. I flip through the paint fan like I flip through a book, OFTEN.

Finally after pulling up about a thousand staples out of the dining room floor, we were finished! Check out this beautiful STAINED sub-floor!

If you remember, we closed on our house on October 30th, which meant winter was upon us. So we decided that we better leave the living room carpet in tact a little while longer while we tackle this:

Working outside was a welcomed break from the inside, but we enjoy it!


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