July 2, 2010

$30 A Week

Have you ever met a girl who didn't like to shop, for herself that is? Well... my name is Tatum and I'm that girl, it's a pleasure to meet you. Seriously, unlike most women I'm not really good when it comes to shopping for myself. I can spend money on anyone else at anytime but when it comes to me, I'm much better at standing in my closet for 10 minutes looking at the same stuff that I looked at the day before and then finally pulling out yet another 10 year old outfit. What's more, as I'm standing in there I'm repeating to my poor Chris the same sad song that I just sang to him the day before! The lyrics go something like this: UGH, I have nothing to wear, my clothes are so old I really need to shop, but I don't follow through and then I wonder why I don't look "current". I cannot tell you how many times he has said to me, if you need to shop then shop.

Only now, I battle with buying for myself when I want to buy for the house. Let me re-phrase that, I only want to buy for other people or the house. So needless to say Chris is convinced that I'm not normal. One day he said you should take baby steps. Starting on Friday take $30 and go out and buy something FOR YOURSELF, not for the house, not for anyone else, FOR YOURSELF. That next day on Saturday I got in the car and I went to Marshalls. Well actually I went to the HomeGoods store because again my priorities are screwed up. Just so happens this particular HomeGoods store had a Marshalls attached to it and as hard as it was I re-focused and purchased something for myself! I got a casual shirt and a workout shirt. He was really proud of me when I got home and I felt good too.

Here's a picture of one of the shirts that I purchased:
It's super comfy and flirty, and I got several compliments on it the day that I wore it...which was a day that I looked much cuter than this goofy looking picture of me. But who cares about what I look like? It's all about the shirt! Anyway it was so rewarding and I repeated the same process on the following Saturday. Here's what I got then:

What made this purchase so great is that it was only $19.99, not even $30.00!! So naturally I begin to think that I can use the difference for the house but I stopped myself because I new what my assignment was. Therefore, I made an effort to use the difference on myself by looking for earrings, but didn't see any that I liked. After that I went to Bath and Body Works but it just so happened that they were working on their floor layout for the holidays and were not taking any shoppers at the time. To get me to come back they gave me a coupon. Now here is my logic...I made two attempts to use the remaining $10.00 on me but the universe was not allowing that to happen. It only made sense that I used that money to buy something for the house and I did, I bought vase fillers for $10 baby!
 So each week I will try to keep you up to speed on how I conquer my "shop for yourself" issue $30 at a time.



Melanie @ The Tiny Tudor said...

Hi Tatum- I just found your blog and love your "About Me" description.
As a new blogger too, this is exactly how I feel --> "I can’t believe that I am actually venturing out into cyberspace. Like right now…who am I talking to exactly?? The whole thing is a bit weird!" : )
I also am not a big shopper, but I would venture out to brave the mall for that black & white dress- love it!

 Tatum said...

Hi Melanie-

I am so excited that you found my blog! Since you are new to cyberspace you'll soon realize how great it is when you notice that someone (who is not family) has commented on your blog. That's so interesting that you are not into shopping either. Glad you liked the dress!! It makes me feel really girlie. By the way thanks for becoming a follower!


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