June 29, 2010

And The Winner Is....

So long story short after either driving by or seeing over 80 homes that we didn't like either because they didn't have all the rooms we wanted, bad landscaping, or we just couldn't visualize ourselves there; we finally found our ideal neighborhood!!! This was huge because we definitely wanted to be in a place that was beautiful and allowed us to walk around with no regrets. First take a look at some of the other lovely homes that helped us solidify this decision.

Yep it's suburbia alright, but it works for us, for now at least. Now for the big reveal!!!!

Yeah we know...leaves much to be desired doesn't it? Now in our defense, when we saw this house online (in what must have been a before the prior owners ruined it photo) we really liked it! It was extra great when we drove there and realized that we were in our ideal neighborhood!! Top that off with comments from the Realtor reassuring us that we were "really going to like the inside of this one" considering our few requirements. Granted when we pulled up in front of the house we kind of went okaaayyy.....  great neighborhood check, great first impression of the home in person uh not so much. Now we do realize that we were prejudging the house without taking into consideration the fact that it was on the market and unoccupied, hence the horrible landscaping. Then, we walked inside...


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