July 4, 2010

Welcome Home?

As we walked closer to the home we noticed even more so that the landscaping was a bit overgrown. But it still seemed to me like a bit much for a home of this size; and how about those red bricks? Seriously? We later found out that the prior owner was a bit of a copycat. He saw a neighbor putting up a real retaining wall and took it upon himself to use leftover bricks from a recently built home and tada, an ugly red brick retaining wall... of sorts.

This is what we saw when we walked in:

Yep, our sentiments exactly. Did I mention that this house was only 4 years old and yet it looks like it was owned by a little league football team. And these are only the walls, the carpets kept the excitement coming (insert sarcasm). Stay tuned!


1 comment:

Ati Okelo said...

Wow! That is amazing and SAD, and I don't understand why anyone would leave their home like that. But, I am sure you will make it look like a MILLION BUCKS! Good bones, good bones :)


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