June 28, 2010

Take 2, Our Home Buying Process, The Beginning

After meeting our Realtor we proceeded to visit some of the houses that we had stalked prior. Only this time we were able to see the insides of the homes. One thing that we learned rather quickly was that it would be harder than we thought to find that ideal neighborhood with the ideal home within our ideal price range. We were clearly delusional at times in our thinking of what was possible. Here are a couple homes that we looked at:

Though this home had the square footage, approximately 3000 sq. ft. It was an absolute wreck inside. In addition to that there was a note posted in one of the bedrooms on a wall, saying "this will always be my home!" That's a bit creepy. It sounds like the prior owner was forced out and might even come back to haunt the new owners!! One last thing, the neighborhood was cozy but the house very much showed it's age on the inside and outside.

Here's another house that we checked out:

This house was in a newer neighborhood, but it too showed it's age up close. One final whammy that knocked this one out of the running is that it had a small in ground pool that we really didn't want to have to manage. It also took up most of the yard. So we moved on!

Now, I do realize that we could have put our handy dandy renovation skills in motion to make these houses eventually work; but again the name is Reno-Virgin, we clearly aren't that skilled...yet.


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