June 28, 2010

Blog Novice = Page Deleted

That's right folks I deleted my so eloquently written original About Me page and I am trying my hardest to not be mad about it and accept the new version. This is a prime example of when new is not fun! Excuse me I need a second..............AAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGG!!! OK that helped a little bit. What's worse is that I don't know what to be mad at!! I can be mad at myself but what does that do? Honestly I am mad at blogger and computers all over the world because I still firmly believe that even if I may have made a slight honest little mistake that it should be saved somewhere in cyberspace.

How is it that my perfect little page is forever gone but other random internet things can always be dug up?! Maybe I should contact the government, don't they have access to everything? Or maybe I should seek fame because the moment the public knows you, anything and everything that you ever thought was lost or hidden somehow rears it's ugly head, or in my case so gracefully comes back in its perfectly written format.

I guess I need to let it go and accept the fact that a few days of blogging does not make me a professional. My name is Tatum and I am a blog newbie, OK it's out there and accepted. And that little fact that maybe I should have been responsible enough to have a backup copy of my own.... we won't even go there :-)


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