August 4, 2012

Nursery Updates!!

Well we showed you the bones of the nursery here. We were still trying to figure out exactly what we wanted and where we were headed. We knew we didn't want the room to be overbearing and we wanted it to be comfortable. We have finally made some progress. We decided on the fabric which we purchased from and

We also purchased our recliner from Babies R Us on sale!
Since it wasn't a rocker or glider I did some research and found a way to turn it into one! All for much cheaper than it would have been to buy a completed chair that we liked. I found this company called Swivel Chair Parts and my daddy bought the base for us!! Once it was in,
Chris began to assemble it:
He took the feet off of the chair and removed the bottom material:

While he was determining whether to anchor the chair with wood or metal:
I was measuring out the fabric:
After going to Joanne Fabrics and purchasing the bumper pads:

We thought we were going to successfully put together the bumper. Chris and my brother in law Andy really put a lot of work into getting the measurements right:

It was later determined that we didn't order enough fabric and would be really cutting it close. Therefore, after buying more fabric we decided to leave this task to the professional in the family, my mother! We know she will successfully knock this out of the park, and there is no rush considering that we will only be using it for decorative purposes! gotta keep the little one safe!

The dresser was still a problem spot for us because we had no idea what we wanted to do to it; stain it, paint it etc. My brother Datus was trying to convince us to keep it unfinished which was not going to happen!... After brainstorming with Chris, my sister Von, brother Datus and his girlfriend Kayla, we finally decided to paint the dresser the same color as the wall color, Jute by Benjamin Moore; only this time we chose high gloss. That way it would stand out against the white beadboard that Chris installed. I'll show you pics of that soon.

Another thing that I wanted were bookshelves! Specific bookshelves. I had seen other people using spice racks from Ikea for $3.99 that I thought were ideal!!

The problem is that when we went to Ikea to get them, they were sold out and would not have anymore for about a month! Not cool. Enter my fabulous husband!!! He took a look at what I wanted and said, I can make that, and better even!! Why we didn't think of this before I have no idea. So using some 2x4s and some decorative molding, we were well on our way!
Love the look so much better! It was important to us to do as much as we could by ourselves. We wanted to put our own spin on our daughters room. We are even going to do our own artwork/decor...well give it a shot at least. Here are a couple other elements that you might see in the nursery reveal:

Well on that note, signing out now. Stay tuned!!



Latoya @ A Peaceful Crib said...

I can't wait to see how everything turns out, especially that chair! Kudos to your hubby for assisting you with your diy ideas, I usually have to beg;)

Tonya said...

awwh. you guys are so talented. many many blessings to your family!!

Anita said...

You and your family can have your own DIY show...really!

Get those pictures posted as soon as you can. :)

Andrea said...

Hey, can not wait to see the final result!
I have awarded your lovely blog, check this out!



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