August 8, 2012

39 Weeks Pregnant!

For prior posts click here! We are at the end of the pregnancy and I have to say I am glad about it. My belly isn't growing anymore but the little one is and boy is it getting crowded. This week our baby's heart rate was still at 148 and I was now dilated to 2cm.

I can say I've had my feel of the joyous wondrous baby movements but about now I am good! Lets get to birthing! During this week I had a couple of days that I had to sleep sitting up...or in a semi reclined position. It seemed that every time I tried to lay on my side my back would just start to hurt. Getting comfortable was a bit complicated but with the snoogle we were able to work it out in the end to where I would still sleep well. Fortunately I didn't have this back problem while sitting and walking.

This week I went ahead and finalized my maternity leave. I worked until Thursday which was the end of my work week. People did not understand why I worked so long considering that our baby was due on that Saturday. They would say things like "I would have been gone by now". Now, had I had a complicated pregnancy I might have left earlier but it's been easy. Now is when it gets interesting though. I wonder how I will take to the tiny one. Will I be one of those moms that feels that she needs to be with her baby all of the time? Or will I be ready to head back to work for a break? That remains to be seen. I am fortunate that my husband Chris will be taking off 4 weeks so that we together can get familiar with our new little girl and help each other with the transition.

I've heard that a lot of guys like to head back to work to get away or get a break but not Chris! He said, he wants to get to know his baby as much as I do and I love him for that. Not to mention, any break from work is a beautiful thing.

I was also fortunate that my oh so generous stylist Duchess came by our house to twist my hair! She offered to do this for me complimentary so that I would not have to come to the shop and I would not have to worry about too much maintenance. She even had Chris twist one so that if it came apart he'd know how to fix it. It was funny to watch him try! Once in the hospital I can undue the twists and have a crinkled style that will be easy to manage...not that I do my hair much any other time, and when I have this little girl we will be in the salon together until Chris and I learn to style hair (poor child)... but I do appreciate it!

Here is my last belly shot! If things go accordingly, the next photo you see will be with baby in tow! Keep us in your prayers!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Not anymore
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Too much!! Lets get her out!
Can I still button my pants: Negative!
Maternity clothes needed: Never had to buy any! Saved money there :-)
Energy Level: Slower, still moving, but taking more breaks
Swelling anywhere: None, still just my belly
Notable weight gain: Up to 166
New symptoms: Just contractions every now and again



Anita said...

What would really be nice would be if Chris could have another month off when your little darling doesn't sleep as much as she will during her first month. :)

Either way, the two of you will handle it - like the billions of others who have done it. :)

Have a happy and peaceful delivery!

Brandi said...

Wishing you the best, Tatum. She's almost here!

goodhealthdiva said...

Awww that's so sweet...I missed the whole pregnancy journey so Congratulation!!! I wish you the best with the delivery and your angel's birth. You are a georgeous mom and this child is BLESSED to be born in such a lovely little family!!!
~Hugs & Blessings~!

katie ridings said...

all the way to 39 :)

Anita said...

She should be out, right?!?

Blessings and prayers for you as you adjust.

Can't wait for your next post! :)

Anonymous said...

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