June 27, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant!!

At 33 weeks things were still going smoothly. Well, everything except the little girls antics. I cannot say enough how busy she is! Sometimes it's fun to watch her acrobatics, other times it hurts! Well, not extreme pain, but definitely and ouch moment.

At night it's often at a fever pitch, so her daddy decided that we needed to calm the little one, just a bit. He created a classical play list of some of his favorite tunes and put the headphones on my belly. She was pleased...or confused. She calmed down immediately. So in addition to this, reading and singing to her, she is definitely being stimulated.

Wonder how big baby is now? She is the size of a durian!! What on earth is a durian??
That is a durian, and I can honestly say I've never seen one in my life. Definitely a fruit to keep away from a baby...it looks quite sharp! Our little girl is now keeping her eyes open while she is awake and learning to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing!

Since she is learning how to suck and swallow, it was time we found a nice place to feed the little one. One thing that seemed to be a problem was that the stores that we went to only had chairs that seems old fashioned and unsightly...like this one:

The problem with this chair is that it's rather pricey and it's not cute! To me and Chris at least. I honestly cannot see this chair sitting in our nursery or in any other area of our home. I understand that this chair is popular, probably because it is comfortable, but even the comfort didn't make the look disappear.  I was on a mission to find a chair that was both comfortable and would fit in my home nicely.  Took a while, but then one day I walked back into the store and saw this:
Perfect!!! And on sale to boot!! $149.00. Though the back does not sit as high as the ugly chair, we can make it work. It's not too big or too small either. The only hang up we had with this chair was that it was a recliner, not a rocker or glider. That however was not going to stop us. We figured, chairs don't just come as rockers, someone has to assemble them right? So I did some research and found a company that makes glider/rocker parts.  Yes, we will turn this chair into exactly what we need it to be. I'll keep ya posted on this project.

Another 33 week highlight is that we took our baby care basics class.  This was very enlightening. I know that we don't need a class to teach us how to be parents, but when we decided to have a baby, we were all in and wanted to experience everything. There was so much we didn't quite know after all. Like, for the first couple weeks we want to make sure the baby is fully comfortable with nursing before we introduce a bottle. Therefore there is no confusion. I guess I can expect to be REALLY tired in the beginning. They also showed us some photos of things that could occur during birth, like lumps on the babies head, or mongolian spots etc. The type of things that might at first freak a new parent out, now we have a heads up.

Chris also got a chance to learn how to change a diaper, wash a newborn, and swaddle! He was very attentive and took the class very seriously. He's going to be a fabulous daddy!! But everybody already knows that since he is already amazing with the boys. The only diaper he had ever changed before was Camden's (who is now 7). Chris was so confused, he had a leg in each hand and had no clue how to get the wipes and clean him. I had to show him how to hold both legs with one hand. Though today he'd say it was the worst experience ever, I think he was just overwhelmed and baffled...not to mention it was only a pee diaper lol.

I have also started video taping my belly moving! It seems like every time one of my sisters or my dad put their hand on my belly the little angel stops moving. So I've decided to start taping it to prove how busy she is. Maybe I'll post one of the videos at some point...we'll see. Right now my belly is measuring at 34 cm, and babies heart rate is 140 bpm.

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Has since calmed due to some classical music
Can I still button my pants: Negative! Unless I want a permanent button imprint on my belly
Maternity clothes needed: In addition to the large shirts I bought last week, I bought a pair of size 11cargo shorts.
Energy Level: Comes and goes. One minute I'm going a mile a minute, the other I'm in straight chillax mode.
Swelling anywhere: None, still just my belly
Notable weight gain: Up to 158
New symptoms: Nothing new, but in case I never mentioned it, I occasionally get hot after I eat a meal. Not every meal, just a random meal. It's like I heat up internally...it mainly happens after I wait too long to eat. Chris does a great job at helping me cool by putting a fan right on me or fanning me if we are out. Or like the other day while we were out, getting me a java chip frappaccino!! Overheating averted :-)



D said...

You look adorable! If we ever have another baby, we will definitely have to invest in a new rocker/glider/recliner - ours has a loud, annoying, erratic squeak that makes me want to chop it with an axe.

Enjoy every moment with angel girl as an inside baby. Believe it or not, you'll miss it after she's born. :)

Anita said...

I have been paging through your pregnancy posts; remembering how I felt when pregnant. I'm glad you've done really well. You look great!

This is a great journal you've created here. You should print it in a book. There is a company called Blog to Print that I've used. The quality of the paper is very good.

Or at least, find some way to download it as one of baby's first keepsakes.

Can't wait to see her first pictures! :)


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