June 18, 2012

32 Weeks Pregnant!!

In week 32 we interviewed pediatrician number 3! And Loved the practice! I think we are done with interviewing pediatricians, we will definitely decide on one of the 3 that we've seen.
At 32 weeks the little one is getting ready for her descent and should be in a head down position...hopefully! Guess I will find out at my next appointment if she is heading in the right direction or if she isn't. It's getting much for difficult to catch my breath at times. She is seriously crowding my lungs.

We asked the pediatrician if her activity in utero is any indication of how she will be once she's born and apparently it is, at least in the beginning. This is NUTS. This little angel does not like to sleep at all. Her bewitching hour starts at midnight and apparently does not end until about 4am. In other words she is extremely active during this time, compared to any other time in the day. Chris said he woke up at 4am the other night and she was just going crazy. He had no idea how it did not wake me up.

My nephews are too sweet with the pregnancy. Camden (7) will rub my belly and say, I'm rubbing the baby. His touch is so soft that it tickles me! Jamison (4) saw me the other day at the ball park and said "There's auntie Tatum, and she has her big belly". They're going to be such good big cousins!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: This child does not sleep!! All she does is move
Can I still button my pants: One pair
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet, but purchased some size large shirts
Energy Level: Starting to slow down a bit.
Swelling anywhere: Not yet
Notable weight gain: 22 pounds gained overall.  If only I could gain something in my backside!! But belly and breasts it is :-)
New symptoms: Nothing new

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