June 5, 2012

27 & 28 Weeks Pregnant!

In week 27 and 28 we registered! That was certainly an interesting undertaking. It was like information overload. There were so many different types of bottles, breast pumps, tubs. We just decided to not over think it and just started clicking. Even when it came to clothes, we just clicked. It was fun, but definitely a task. We were in the first store for at least 3 hours.

In this week we also interviewed pediatrician number 1. We received referrals from friends and I also researched the doctors online from top to bottom. I had a very thorough list of questions to ask and I asked them all. Though we really liked the doctor, the office didn't really appeal to us. It didn't smell very nice, it seemed aged and the toys in the waiting room could have been cleaner. They did give us this cute little gift:
It opens into a bag and inside it includes baby formula, snappies to hold milk, and a little bottle holder with an ice pak!
We have another appointment in July with another doctor at this practice. Fortunately by then they will be in a new office, so we will see.

What's funny is that some people cannot even tell that I am pregnant. Apparently depending on what I'm wearing You can only tell that I'm pregnant if I am to the side. What do you think?

Oh!!! there's the belly!! Yep definitely pregnant!

Week 28

In Week 28 we purchased the dresser for the nursery, as you saw here. You will also notice our new carpet in those pics! We also experienced out first bout of baby hiccups! That was an interesting feeling. I woke up one day thinking what is that repetitive tapping? Then it hit me, it must be hiccups. My friends told me that I would know immediately when baby had hiccups and they were right!
At our appointment my belly size was 29cm, my weight had hit 150.6 (16lbs so far baby!!) and the fetal heart rate was 156 BPM. One thing that I experienced this week was shortness of breath. This little one was surely crowding my lungs at times.
Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: It's crazy!! Freaking me out!
Can I still button my pants: Only a few
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet
Energy Level: Still got it
Swelling anywhere: Not yet
Notable weight gain: 16 pounds gained overall. 
New symptoms: I'm peeing a lot more and my appetite has picked up. I actually finish my plate now! So my human garbage disposal (my husband) now has to get his own seconds because my plate is clean!!


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