May 28, 2012

Nursery In Progress!!

We decided to start on the nursery in week 25. Our home has 4 bedrooms, one we use as the office and the other two that are not the master have not been given that much attention. Now that we have decided to have a baby it was time to make a move on one of the rooms. The room that we chose is the smaller of the two, also known as the blue room. Why blue room? Because the room was an under the sea blue. The prior owners had stickers from the little mermaid movie on the wall.
It wasn't a bad blue, just a bold blue. This room is where the boys stayed when they were over. When Cam saw the room he immediately thought it was their room. They always played in here.
However, now that baby is on the way we had to turn the blue room into a room fit for a baby. We needed new carpet, which we got in the third week of April 2012, I'll update you on that real soon. We also needed to get started on the look. We knew we wanted to do something classy, simple and neutral so in week 25 we got started! We primed the room forever ago, but didn't capture any photos of that. Now it was simply time to paint. We Chose a color called Jute by Benjamin Moore. It's a mix between a very light green and tan.
And we went to Lowes to purchase the bead-board.
Chris began to install it right away.
We have yet to complete the painting/bead-board, but we wanted to see what the crib looked like in the room. We purchased the crib back in week 17. As you might remember here we knew what we did not want, a country style crib and a separate changing table. I also was not a fan of the changing pad on the dresser. Works fine for some, but something about it just did not appeal to me. So we chose this crib.
We really liked the fact that the changing table was attached. That was the main reason why we chose this in addition to it's simplicity. It's not too frilly. We weren't quite fans of the waviness of the frame legs but that was minor considering what we did like about it, and the storage was a plus. The changing table converts into a night stand once the baby is too big for it. Finally it was time to assemble.
After screwing this in and attaching that, it was finally done!
Another thing that we knew for certain is that we did not want a packaged nursery, an out of the box nursery. That's why we decided not to purchase the complete room set, we only purchased the bed. Nor did we want to create a central theme. People would ask me what our colors were or what theme we were going with and honestly we don't have either. We don't want butterfly valance, bumpers and drapes. And as much as I like monkeys I don't want the room riddled with monkeys in the bedding, monkeys on the lamps, and monkeys on the wall etc. for a monkey theme. Do we know exactly how it's all going to pan out? Not yet, but we will add in elements that we like and hope that it all comes together cohesively. If not, we'll try, try again. It won't be completely neutral of course. We will make certain that we add feminine elements, but we won't overdo it. pepto bismol room here!

Weeks later while in town for my nephews games we came across a vendor selling custom built furniture and saw a dresser that we loved! So we purchased it!
We will have to add the tracks so that the drawers slide in and out appropriately, but that's a task that we can handle! We have yet to decide if we are going to stain it or paint it a color but we'll soon figure it out. So as of today this is where the room stands:
We still need to paint the bead-board, add the chair-rail, baseboard molding, shelving etc. We realize we have a ways to go, but we are enjoying it. I go into this room every night just to see it and imagine. Seeing this room transform and knowing it will soon house our little girl is an amazing feeling!


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Comeca Jones said...

Bead board Yaaaaay I am sure it will look great cant wait til you are done and so smart that you are starting so early!


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