September 26, 2011

New Ways To Cook Bacon

No, for all of you bacon enthusiasts out there like myself I am not about to enlighten you on new ways to cook bacon...even though while having family over the other day for my birthday, my curious husband decided that after grilling hamburgers he wanted to know what it would be like to grill bacon. Then he did it...he actually put bacon strips on the grill! Quite humorous...but apparently tasty!! Had I known that I would be posting about bacon today I would have taken a pic.

Anyway, my point is that the other day while watching an episode of Dr. Oz about the 5 fastest moving cancers he mentioned biggest risk and best solutions. One point that stood out to me was brain cancer and solutions to help eliminate it:

"Solution #3: Eliminate Cooked Ham, Processed Pork and Fried Bacon
Meat products such as cooked ham, processed pork and fried bacon contain a lot of nitrates, which may be connected to brain cancer and other cancers as well."

Now I understand that there are always studies being done on certain foods and diseases and that he is simply making us aware of things to think about etc. The problem with this is that he didn't cover one major topic (well major in my head)...other ways to cook bacon!! Bacon has always been a happy place in my world. Bacon fits quite snuggly next to my scrambled eggs and pancake. The thought of bacon not being there anymore is too hard to bear. What would fill it's space?? Obviously not ham, apparently that is a problem too. I mean I really would have appreciated some alternatives. If I was in the audience I would have raised my hand. I don't think I'm going to cut fried bacon out of my diet...but I know I will at least think about that episode while it's frying up.

Well until this past weekends grilled bacon experiment I thought all hope was lost. However, the idea of firing up the grill each morning for breakfast seems a bit much...and clearly won't be happening.  For all of you bacon enthusiasts out there, have you ever made bacon any other way but fried? I guess you can boil it but floppy bacon is not my thing lol.

More importantly I know that Dr. Oz's point was to offer cancer elimination solutions and not alternatives to frying bacon.  I did get the purpose of the show, I just got a little distracted along the is bacon after-all..that's a big deal!



Anonymous said...

I put it on a sheet pan and stick it in a 375 degree oven for about 15-20 minutes...perfect, crispy bacon every time

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

I would never have thought to do that! Thanks so much for the idea.


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