September 21, 2011

I Might Be Dead

That can only be the case since I have no life. What does it really mean to have no life? I don't do anything EVER. I spend most of my time at home with Chris. As long as we have some crab legs and a movie we are good lol. If I go out and do anything it is with Chris and my family, and we do have a blast together. I love to go to the movies and could do that everyday but there is something a little reclusive and weird about being holed up in the dark all the time. If I'm not on the computer, I'm working on the house or I'm reading a book. I need to get OUT more, I am such a people person and would love to meet new people and make new friends. That's another hard thing to do as an adult. "Hi I'm Tatum, will you be my friend?" Really only works in elementary school.

Quitting my job was great but it's about time I get back into the workforce. Even though mornings make me want to throw cats at padded walls (which I would never do because even though I'm allergic to them, deep down I know they are not purposely out to harm me) at least there you have co-worker friends...even though, if I dislike the company I never call workers friends. I called them "work people", I know it sounds a bit cold doesn't it. At my last job I did have friends there, friends that I do still talk to and communicate with on occasion.  I simply need to stop being such a homebody and take the first step...leave the comfort of my home and live a little.  I also need to try some new things like horseback riding or cooking classes. Right now my life is not very interesting or exciting. It's just a life, a life that I am happy to have but sometimes I don't feel like I'm living. Hence the title, if I'm not living I must be dead. Honestly, I really don't feel like being dead right now. I've got to get with it. I have to break out of my rut and out of my comfort zone and get out there and break some rules!

Then there is my blog, my happy place. I was thinking about this blog the other day and was like...I don't feel like talking. And regardless of what my elementary lunch lady named my best friend at the time and I (Gabby1 and Gabby2) sometimes I actually don't have anything to say.  Have you ever just had nothing to say?  Yet I felt the need to blog. I mean, I didn't but I thought about it. As much as I enjoy writing an interesting post, at times I have moments when I don't feel like talking/blogging. However I feel like I'm supposed to blog or need to because of my faithful readers. My response to bad. I've decided that if I'm not feeling it I'm just not going to blog. I think that is for the best. I LOVE blogging and forcing it will take the fun away and I need the fun!

I don't even know how my blog would be classified. I tend to follow home decor blogs because I LOVE to look at other peoples homes. I am addicted to HGTV and attend as many Parade of Homes and Decorator Show Houses as I can...between you and me I even look in peoples windows at night if they have their curtains open. I figure, they must be trying show me something, so I look. Now don't get me wrong, I don't stand out there like some crazy killer person like Freddy or Jason, I just walk by really slowly. Then I turn around and walk by again. I might even tie my shoe, buys me some time to peep their decor style. I'm saying, it's a great way to check out other peoples decor and it is night time after all, they can't see me. Then again, I don't know. About a month or so ago I was just chilling on the sofa watching television when I looked to my right and outside was a man looking right inside at me!! He was just standing there with his arms crossed looking all killer like! FREAKED ME OUT!!!! So, I slithered off of the sofa and dropped to the ground and went to a different window where he couldn't see me and I looked out. Fear averted! He was standing next to his wife (who apparently was out of my line of site) and they were looking at our seating area. Whew!! Now to my defense I don't stand outside of peoples homes like Mr. Creepy did, I walk by (albeit slow) but not enough to scare anybody :-)

Back to my point though, most of my blog is made up of changes we have made to our house but I have a lot more to say than house stuff. I wouldn't really classify my blog as a house blog, maybe it's more of a lifestyle blog. Maybe it's just a blog about my randomness and it doesn't have to have a category. I named my blog Many Moments of Me because there was a lot that I wanted to talk about, but I found myself mainly focusing on my home. Now I feel a little pigeon holed in wondering if that is what my readers come here for, my renovations.

I think I need to stop over-thinking and just talk about whatever is on my mind. Might be a post full of random photos, might be a post of one little paragraph with no photos. I might even add in some videos. I wonder sometime if I am really putting my whole self out there. Actually I know I'm not. I mean what you see and read is me but there is so much more to who I am. I should have my own reality show because I am THAT much more interesting, I'm talking serious depth here lol. Anyway, I hope to be a bit more open and free with what I put on my blog (no worries, I wont be posting any naked pics while wearing peace signs).

I hope that I don't lose your interest....I mean you joined this cult and as your leader I expect you to stick around. Okay, not exactly like that. I appreciate all of you who feel like my blog is worth reading, your comments and emails make my day! Thanks for reading this random, vent session. I don't think I stayed on point once, I was really all over the place...maybe I need to wind down a bit. I'm gonna go get my wind down drink of choice, a cup of coffee (yeah I know) don't judge :-) That's how I roll...



Comeca Jones said...

Blogs are personal statements Tatum diaries of sorts or maybe like I view mine a journal of our life mostly because we always live far from family and friends and this way they will know whats going on with us without me having to write and call everyone. And somewhere in there I enjoy blog-land as well.So sometimes its decor and if I am sad that day I may write about that while another day it may be about organization. Its ours so... Whatever the topic "real" readers will comment (like me.) And if its not a topic they are interested in and they don't comment that's OK too.So I guess the question is "Are you writing for you or are you writing for your audience"? I love your blog and the topic range would be ok with me.

Brandi said...

outside of doing activities with my husband and my kids, i feel like i don't have much of a social life either. to fix that, i recently joined a meetup group. you should check and see what groups are available in my area @

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Hi Comeca! Thanks for commenting. I know the blog is mine and I began it because I enjoy writing. I'm writing for myself, but I appreciate my readers and wanted them to know that even though I don't update all the time I haven't forgotten about them. And my posts won't always be about my home. It was mainly an FYI. Glad you enjoy it!

Brandi! I have discovered meetups just haven't pulled the trigger. Thanks for letting me know it worked for you :-)

Momma's Sunshine said...

I need to get out myself and do more too. So, I enjoyed this post because it is the raw real truth.

And "the truth will set you free".

Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't live closer, we could be friends! I seriously have NO friends either. I tell me hubby all the time how pathetic it is!

It's your blog, do as you want with it. My blog is a mix match of all sorts of things. I love fashion & so I usually always post an OOTD but I also post about my kids, organization, name it, I post it. I read your blog because I find it interesting. My fave blogs to read are real ones. I enjoy reading about real people & their real lives. It may be decorating their kitchen one day & going on vacation the next. That is just how real life works. People are complex & things aren't always just one way. I look forward to whatever changes you decide on though!

Happy Friday Friend :)


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