September 7, 2010

Tool Time!

When we finally got around to laying the floors, the first thing that we did was lay them down to see what they would look like.

We were also not sure if we wanted to leave a section hardwood free for the non-existent foyer:

Not having a real foyer, we considered laying tile in the area but later thought that it would look a bit weird so we decided to take the floors all the way across.

Chris was entirely psyched to jump right in using his new snazzy power tools like this miter saw:

And this wonderful table saw that I got him for his birthday:

Actually I don't really know how wonderful it is. But I do know that he was so excited to open the big box. He had no clue what it was.

So needless to say, when the floors came in, it was time to cut...saw...whatever. No preparations needed...literally:

Yep, I know. Obviously I was nowhere to be found because this would not have been acceptable. Take a closer the sawdust FLYING TOWARD HIS EYES!!

No, shoes, no mask, no protective goggles and from the looks of it almost no fingers! Gotta love this man, Mr. Invincible. I do understand his enthusiasm and as previously mentioned, we're good at showing you what not to do when you're DIY-ing.

However, this is unacceptable! We may not know all the rules but we know to use protection!! Most of us learned that in high school...he he he...(my apologies, sometimes I think I'm a comedian) Not funny huh? Ooookay, moving on!

When I got home I took care of things:

And trust me, he's wearing shoes this time. I know he isn't wearing a shirt but when you think about it, just how much protection would a bit of cotton provide him anyway? I was perfectly fine with him being shirtless with a power saw lol!



Dad. ,Curtis G. said...

Way to go sadie!! That's what the good book says....!!! Behind every well prepared man there stands a good woman more prepared with all the right tools for safety and protection....Dad

lindy@homemadesatisfaction said...

Hey! I don't know how I just now discovered the comment you left me on my first post but THANK YOU!!! I was just as excited to see it tonight as I would have been if I'd seen it the day I had posted!! Haha! You are right- getting comments and followers is so exciting- makes you feel like there's a reason to keep posting. Thank you so much for the encouragement(starting my blog has been way more intimidating then I expected)and for becoming a follower! Love your blog and your floors are going to be gorgeous!! I'll be back to see the progress soon!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

The floors are looking great!!

PS After reading your post, I think ALL handy man husbands should do home improvement projects shirtless and show off some muscle! : )

Pamela said...

I just hopped over here from Vanessa's and have to say you are just hysterical!!! I am enjoying the transformations you are making to your home! Welcome to the world of blogging! You will have so much fun!


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