July 13, 2011

Don't Call It A Comeback!

In the words of one of the greatest musicians of our times (not so much) L.L. Cool J...  Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years! And here's a video for all of you who don't know the song:

Which after just listening to it myself seems rather weird and pointless because only the first line is relevant! And even that not so much, I haven't been blogging for years only one year this past June 2011...and when I think about that, it's still not quite right given that I went on blog sabbatical at the end of April so it hasn't even been a full year. Soooo, the more I write the more I realize that my clever, L.L Cool J 'don't call it a comeback' line was not so clever after all, and I by no means am gonna knock anyone out nor did my mama say to do so, so I'm gonna kindly apologize for such a weird, pointless and now a bit awkward beginning to my blogging comeback and politely move on to a more important topic.

I am betrothed! That's right folks I am officially a Duck. A Duckworth to be more accurate. My new last name which though in the beginning may sound and look a bit weird next to my first name (Tatum Duckworth); looks perfect in person:
Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth
That's right, on June 25th 2011 I married the most handsome man in the world! And that is no lie. I know many of you women out there are probably thinking 'whatever, I know my man is the most handsome man in the world' but I'm sorry to tell you that you are wrong. I am certain that I married the most handsome man in the world, look for yourself, it says it right there on his suit!:

 Sorry ladies! So now that we got that out of the way...It was the best day ever. It rained everyday that week but on Saturday it was sunny and 80 degrees which allowed all of us to exhale because it was an outdoor wedding. Guests arrived to the big band and swing sounds of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett just to name a few. That along with cold drinks and mingling as Chris and I were getting ready, and the scene was set just as we planned it.

Oh, did I tell  you that we picked our date the February prior! That's right, we gave ourselves 4 months to plan. Who says you need a year! We were so fortunate that everything worked out exactly as we wanted once we decided what that even was, and stress free! Lucky for us we didn't have to go through the wedding drive-thru!
Read more about that here

Even though the wedding planning, ceremony and literal honeymoon are over, we are still floating in the euphoria of such a great time. As everything settles we are gradually getting back to work and back on track. I will try to get everyone up to speed with what we've been doing an add some photos!

I'm certainly glad to be back in blogland! I missed you guys.



Tammy said...

We missed you!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Brandi said...

love your intro! missed you and your humor! Congratulations beautiful lady, to you and your handsome hubby.

The Scott's Crib said...

Congrats! So glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

congrats! i'm glad you're back! i've been checking your blog regularly waiting on a new post :)

D said...

Yay! Welcome to wedded bliss, and welcome back to blogland. :)

Momma's Sunshine said...

WOW! Now that is a reason to take a break from blogging!!!

Many Moments of Love and Happiness to you and your new "handsome" husband!!


Daydream Living said...

You look so beautiful Tatum! And indeed a very handsome husband you have, love that you are back, I'm on holiday from next week till 12th august, so see you after that, all the best, Maureen x

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

You made me laugh more than once with this post!
Congrats on your wedding and having such a wonderful, stress free wedding day. That's the way it should be.
You two look so happy in that photo, may you have a lifetime of happiness together. You're off to a great start. :)

Anita said...

What an opening! And what a nice surprise that followed: The handsome man and the beautiful woman - married!

May God bless you with peace, joy, love, health, patience, perserverance, and prosperity.

Did I miss anything? :)

I'm really happy for you. xoxo

Laura said...

Congrats! Glad you're back! :)

Mallory said...

Beautiful! Congrats!!


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