April 11, 2011

Long Time No Talk

Dear blog...I've missed you. Boy have I been out of touch! I've never gone this long without posting.  For those of you who follow me regularly...my apologies. Anyway I'm back and hope to never take that type of a break unless I'm going through some major crisis. I can't tell you what has kept me away other than random things that have kind of had me in a temporary funk.

I've been online often, mainly researching, but after hours on line I felt like my eyes were going bad lol! I've been working on the house, I've been spending time with my mother who had knee surgery on the 5th and is still in rehab getting physical therapy. I went to my cousins wedding which was a wonderful celebration with family. I've been doing the wedding planning stuff; and I've also been in an emotional state of weirdness. If that part does not make any sense to you, it doesn't make much sense to me either...or, I'm just not feeling like trying to decipher it and putting it all out here on the World Wide Web web web  (said with many echos...).

What I need to remember is that my wonderful bloggy buddies are a great respite from what can be reality life craziness.

Bottom line, I need to get my mojo back! When I'm having a rough day or two or three, I need to write. When the emotional weight of others begin to affect me, I need to write. When I need to find my happy place and I want to be alone, I need to write....then I'll feel better :-)

My homework for the night, meditate, pray, breathe, and count my blessings.



Brandi said...

Dear Tatum, I have missed you! Sending sunshine your way! May each day bring you renewed strength. Take care my friend!

Prayer Notes by Cynthia said...

welcome back! many blessings!

Tonya said...

what i have learned from blogging since 2008, there is a time and season for everything. blogging included.

stay blessed!

D said...

I've missed you, too, and I'm in a weird blogging funk as well. It'll get better. :)


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