April 20, 2011

Heading Back To The Workforce?

Well not quite, but the other day I began to feel that I could!! Odd, I know. The main reason why I left the workforce to begin with is because I was working for an organization that was stuck in time and sucking the joy out of my life. As you may recall from reading here, 5 of us quit that day. I have had a great break from the workforce, a bit over three months to be exact and I truly feel refreshed! Have I discovered my mission in life? Not fully. Am I happy with life? Absolutely! Can I go back to work if given the opportunity?? I think so! Will the next job suck the life out of me? It's possible, especially since I have not mastered what my hearts desire is professionally.

This is such an interesting feeling considering the fact that there are many people out there who'd leave their jobs in a heartbeat. I was one of them! However, working was never really my problem. I've been sitting behind a desk looking at a computer since I was 18. The problem was that when Chris and I left Atlanta and moved to Ohio, I simply made the wrong choice of which company to join. I gave that place much more credit then they turned out to be worth and soon learned that the sentiment was shared across the board. I was fortunate to be able to jump ship before I felt stuck there permanently.

I've been quite productive and so happy during my time off. I've worked on my writing, got braces,  made changes to the house,  got invited to the Nate Show, planned our wedding, exercised more, spent more time with family etc. It's been great! I realize that much of this can change if I sign on to work for someone else. Well, we'll see what happens. If/when I take the plunge back into the workforce I'll let you know! Until then...

Have a great day!!


Sandra said...

I'm reading reading reading, and then I'm like, "what? She got invited on the Nate Show???" Lucky!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Tatum,
Hope you will find a job you are more passionate about. I left the office once to go and pursuit working in retail since I wanted to have my own store someday. I went to evening school to get a degree, worked in wholesale and I learned a great deal, and most of all, I found what I would like to do when I go back to work and it isn't the office anymore.
Good luck with your search and have a good easter,
Maureen x

mrs. forst said...

If you do go out and look for a job I hope its something you love to do!

Danica said...

I'd love nothing more than to be off froom work right now. I'm super jealous! Enjoy your time and when the time is right you'll find that job that fits with what you want to do.

Tonya said...

having been back at work now for about 6 weeks and being off for four months...because i quit...and then was asked to come back, i would tell you to keep doing what you are doing...enjoying the things you are doing.

when this season passes, the good Lord has an amazing way of letting you know. i am speaking from my own experience.

perhaps you have been called to be at home for such a time as this...to spend time with your family and who knows maybe to prepare for your futrue family.

all i can say is enjoy these "many moments"!!!

i know that i am enjoying reading "many moments of me"!!

continued blessings to you!!

Karen said...

Hi Tatum, If you decide to go back I hope you find something wonderful and perfect for you. There's no greater misery than dreading going to a job you hate day after day.Best wishes, whatever you decide.

Anita said...

I've been out of it 16 years because I have the choice to be employed or not. I think of going back some day, but like you, I want it to be my heart's desire, i.e. to be passionate about what I'm doing.

Best wishes and blessings when the time comes.

Comeca Jones said...

Hope you find whatever you are looking for to complete your personal process. See you you when you return!


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