March 31, 2011

Spring = Snow!!

Due to the fact that I cannot believe that it is spring and it snowed today, I think it only fitting that I talk about spring stuff! I mean when I saw the snow falling I freaked out, ran through the house closed all the blinds and turned on every light in the house to keep the spirit of spring alive. Since mentally I'm already in spring I thought I'd bring you up to speed on our outside seating area. I left off with it looking like this:

 It was a cute little area especially compared to how it looked when we moved in

You can read all about that transformation here. Well we knew soon after creating this little area that we were eventually going to need an area large enough to accommodate more people. What we didn't expect is the unexpected extra work that it was going to entail. It all started when we went to Chicago on a little trip in the winter. When we returned, the middle of the three bushes in the front of the house was decimated! Completely smashed from the snow that slid off of the roof of the house. The other two bushes were also a bit damaged so we figured, lets dig them up and go ahead and expand the front area. digging up the bushes was a lot of work:
Two down and one to go:
Can you see the kind of space we're going to be working with? You can also see where I noted some additional items that we have to work on.  And remember the red bricks the prior homeowners left us? Well there were a few left:

And we almost came out of this unscathed but ran into some wild animals buried beyond the bricks and bushes:

We still have a long way to do but I'll be getting you up to speed real soon! After all this snow can't last all spring right?



Anita said...



Trying to help you with a little cheering! :)

Things are looking good. Keep it up! :)

Brandi said...

We finally saw some sunshine today after a week of rain! My husband and I got lucky and received a whole pallet of sod for free at Home Depot, because they were going to throw it away! Nothing like laying a little grass to get ya motivated for Spring yardwork!! You and Chris make a good team! I can't wait to see what you guys did with your new sitting area!

Daydream Living said...

No, the snow will melt, and the sun will shine, think of me, in rainy switzerland... and it's suppose to be spring....
Maureen x said...

Hope you're enjoying some spring weather now!
you've worked hard! Your yard looks great!


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