March 4, 2011

Craigslist Stools

I was a Craigslist novice until about 2008 when Chris purchased a lawnmower from a scary little man who lived in the sticks. We went together to get that lawnmower because we didn't know what to expect. I stayed in the car but what I saw of the little man through the many trees that practically blocked his house, I'm convinced that he looked like Nebbercracker from Monster House.

Chris says that he didn't look like this but I'm not convinced.  You'd think this would make me afraid of Craigslist but all of our other experiences have been normal. Normal people, normal transactions. Wonder why I'm bringing up Craigslist, because I just made a purchase the other day from a completely normal woman. Chris and I met her at a local shopping center close to our gym. What did we get, stools! Beautiful black stools that will work perfectly in our kitchen next to our island. What do you think?

Both for $20! These very stools in brown would have cost me $60 at Walmart. Gotta love Craig and his list!



Karen said...

They're fantastic, you got a great deal!

Brandi said...

I just made my first Craigslist purchase this morning! I have to admit I was a little nervous. Luckily we met in a shopping area!

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Karen I did get a great deal! Craigslist makes Walmart look expensive.

Brandi! Yay for you, I'm going to stop by your site and see what you got. And I feel you on the nervousness! said...

We have these and we paid more than 20 dollars! Mine were originally oak stain and I painted them black and added numbers. Ihave a post on it from December. New follower... said...

lucky you! super find. I just ordered some in december, and I know how much they can cost! woohoo!
ps if you are still interested in being in part of the Circle of Bliss please stop by and add your thumbnail.

Anonymous said...

I love those stools..great find! Ive been wanting them in a dark espresso brown..I'm keeping my eyes peeled - I'm not good at paying full price for anything, lol.

New follower from the Circle of Bliss :) I love your blog!

Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please


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