February 7, 2011

We Have Triplets

triplet |ˈtriplit|
1 (usu. triplets) one of three children or animals born at the same birth.
2 a set or succession of three similar things.

The definition above says three children:
Photo courtesy of Google

Or animals:
Photo courtesy of Google

Or, things. How do you identify triplets? I mean in the first image the three babies have on different colors which I'm certain helps the parents and others identify each kid. Then there are the cats, I personally wouldn't know one cat from another cat.

But you have to wonder, can triplets be inanimate? I personally think they can. After all the definition did include things. I have triplets in my house, they function absolutely the same and they are always beside each other so it gets really hard for visitors to identify them. Here are our triplets:

Yep, see what I mean? Identical door triplets. Here is another view:

These doors are at the back of my kitchen. If you were at my house and said, where is the ladies room and I said it's through the white door in the kitchen, which white door would you choose? My sister has been to my home on several occasions and continues to get confused when she is faced with this triple threat. If she doesn't choose right, she might very well end up in the pantry or the laundry room!

I guess I could in fact paint one door purple, one door pink and one yellow like the babies photo, but as you know I'm really bad with paint colors. So, I have decided to create signs! Until I create those signs, let me know what you think. Which door is which (restroom, laundry room and pantry)?

Stay tuned to see my identifying signs!


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Anonymous said...

Wow that would be confusing!


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