February 4, 2011

Goodwill Bandwagon

Yep, I'm on it! I'm rather good at utilizing things that I presently own in different ways or in other areas of the house but I had yet to check out my local goodwill stores like my fellow bloggers! I have gone to a thrift store or two every now and then and as a child I recall going to thrift stores and flea markets with my mother who is also very crafty. Only then I had no idea of all the great finds and creations you can make with random items. Now that I am older I have a greater respect for things and I am able to see things from another angle.

Today I found two goodwill stores not too far away and I stopped by for a visit! I have been rather inspired by the creations that other bloggers have come up with by simply going to goodwill stores. I've seen lamps and shades painted and restored, furniture sanded and stained or re-painted with new added hardware. I've seen items created for one purpose utilized for another purpose etc. Not to mention, the deals are incredible because it's all used! As they say, one woman's trash (or unneeded items) are another woman's treasure!  Here are a few items that I picked up today from my local goodwill store and from another little thrift shop that I discovered called Ambers Attic:

This I believe is a jewelry holder, I think. It was just laying on a shelf and I thought to myself, hey I can use this for something! It was $2.00.

This is just a really pretty little jar/dish. I can think of several uses for this! Maybe it can hold candy, or cotton balls even. This was $4.00.

And this is a cute little tea cup set on an adorable tea cup holder. Wanna know what I paid for this? $2.00!!

Here is another view without the tea cups:

I am so glad that I have ventured out to find these stores. It's like winning the lottery!!!! O.K. not that extreme. More like stumbling on a random 5 dollar bill floating in the wind that you embarrassingly chase thinking nobody is watching because honestly, $5 that you didn't have to earn is kind of like winning an extraordinarily tiny lottery. Or even a dollar! It's funny how excited I get when I see a random dollar just laying there waiting for me to grab it. And now that I'm goodwill savvy in all of my one day of experience, I can shop with this lost dollar and get something super cute!

Man, I have really taken the dollar for granted. I had no clue what I could get with such a fine piece of change. I mean, I was good at buying candy bars and Swedish fish. However, it never crossed my mind that this rectangular, green, George Washington embellished piece of thin fabricy paper would net me such goodwilly pleasures! And to boot I even dropped off some treasures of my own for the next shopper!

I'll be sure to let you know how I utilize my new treasures! Ahh, what an accomplishment, all in a days work.



Anonymous said...

Glad you gave Goodwill a try. I'm a huge thrifter (mainly clothing) and I love Goodwill. You never know what treasure your going to run up on!

Christopher Duckworth said...

I've embarrassingly chased a quarter down as it rolled, edgewise, down a rather steep incline. So I feel your passion babe! Now go out there and keep finding those deals!! ;-)

Anita said...

Lately, I've been donating a lot to Goodwill; 3 times already this year. Each time I donate, I'm given a stamp on a card. When I get to 4, I get 20% off of my shopping. I've gotten a lot of those discount cards over the years, but have never gone in to shop. I'm too scared that I will come out with more stuff that I don't need in my already packed house.

But you continue to have fun!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Goodwill is where the deals are had! You wouldn't believe all of the amazing items I have found at Goodwill. No one ever does. Cant wait to see more of your thrifting adventures.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Those are terrific finds! I want them all! lol! Angie ox

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Keep up the good work! You write wonderfully!

Brandi-Lee said...

Goodwill is Awesome!! I love to make treasure out of trash! I'm loving that apothecary jar that you found! Wonderfulness!

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