February 1, 2011

Bedroom Closet Organization

I am either on a closet organization high due to painting and organizing my coat closet. Or, it is just cheaper and easier to tackle the smaller rooms in the house instead of the larger rooms. I think both could be the case, but added to that is simply, builder grade sucks. My mission now, our master bedroom closet. Our master bedroom is by no means the sanctuary that it should be which is why you haven't seen any photos of it. But don't be fooled! We're working on it. The closet however is where I would get really frustrated. Seriously, what is it with me and closets!!? Maybe it's just that you mainly see them with the doors closed but when you open the door you see the wasted space, or underutilized space, or just ugly space. Our closet is that ugly creamish color that builders use just to disgust you. Couldn't they use white? It's much fresher. We also have those not so lovely white wire shelving that measure 7 feet tall and form a perfectly square shaped letter C. Though they're ugly I'm all about using what we have and then adding and embellishing to make the closet a little better.

Now, as I swallow my organized pride, and lower my head in shame, take a look at our closet in it's present state.

  See the clutter on top? Tacky I know, it's mainly folded items that don't fit in our dressers. We just hurl them up on this stupid little shelf. And why that memory foam pillow is up there is a mystery. Probably because the stupid shelf makes it so easy to just throw it up there...it's still random though isn't it? and weird.
Great use of floor space right? I have this thing about keeping shoes in their boxes so that they stay organized. Only now, the boxes have started to annoy me. They are different sizes and unsightly and HAVE GOT TO GO!

Here we have a great example of underutilized vertical space. When I walk in this closet I sometimes just look up and stare! It's as if the ugly wall space is taunting me. Must remove vertical space. Oh, and those mismatched hangers!! Those little slits on the left and right of the hanger drive me crazy!! I totally have a mommy dearest moment every time something gets caught on those little slits. I literally yank it out of the closet and throw it away. I know I need help for that.

Here is a better view of my Manolos and Jimmy Choos. The boxes may say totes, Sam and Libby and Steve Madden etc. but that is just a way to keep you from seeing the name brands that are really in them. I'd hate to make you jealous after all. And do you see the bags in the left corner? Yep another great use of floor space. I promise you that it's not our fault! Blame the builder for this nightmare!

So there you have it. My mission is clear as clutter! Stay tuned to see if I can make this closet more Tatum and Chris friendly.



Comeca Jones said...

Rootin for you cant wait to see how this space cleans up!

Tammy said...

Can't wait to see the new closet! =) I really need to do the same thing. I gave you an award on my blog if you want to come over and see. =)

Anita said...

Hi Tatum, I saw your comment over at Michelle's (Homesteading Apartment). Thought I'd so some random clicking today. When I saw your closet, I had to stop and read! I have been battling clutter a long time, although I remain hopeful to see it all gone soon! Maybe this will be the year. :)

I have a large closet. My clothes look neat on all the matching hangers...pants grouped together, shirts, skirts, etc. Another thing that I did was to go to Target (or the Dollar store) and buy the clear hangers that have the department store look. A worthwhile investment. And now, when I buy something new, I'll get the hanger and it blends in with what I already have.

Gotta do some more work though on the junk that has accumulated on the spacious floor, though.

I'll be checking back on your progress.

Jennifer Juniper said...

How did you sneak into my house to take a picture of my closet? Ha!


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