January 29, 2011

Kid Duty

This weekend Chris and I are on kid duty. We're keeping these little guys overnight:

Photo courtesy of Brianne Howard and Studio B Photography

Aren't they precious!! My sister's birthday is on the 30th so of course her husband is treating her to a weekend of fun! It's always really funny when the boys get dropped off because they can't say bye to their parents fast enough. They absolutely love spending time and having sleepovers with Chris and I, and when it comes time for them to leave they get rather down. They'd say I don't want to go home! I'm certain they would stay forever if they could, well maybe not forever but quite a while.

So needless to say Chris and I are in for a lot of fun this weekend. Feel free to check out a couple of our past kid visits here.

Have a great day! I know we will.


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