October 28, 2010

Fun Kid Weekend

These little feet:

And these:

were the beginning of a fun weekend. Chris and I were missing the boys dearly so we set forth to spend some quality time with:


And Jamison:

These little guys are our angels. When they came over Friday evening we played, watched movies and ordered pizza! They get so excited on Friday pizza nights, they say Yay Pizza!! However, their parents get even more excited with the fact that they get a free weekend. It's fun when they are over because since we have done absolutely nothing to the guest rooms upstairs we have an empty room to play in. 

An empty room is the perfect place to play ATTACKER!! (one of Camden's favorite games)

The next day was even more exciting because we added an additional little bundle of fun:

That little guy in the middle is my little cousin Jaliek. He and Camden are exactly 5 days apart. With his arrival we discovered that we could fit one car seat and two booster seats in our car! It was perfect! Heeeyyyy what is it about 2 and 5 year olds? Why is it so difficult to get a photo that shows all three of them looking at the camera and smiling?

Well maybe we'll get that perfect photo at the park:

They're all perfect! I love these beautiful boys. They climbed on top of the ropes:

And even UNDER the ropes:

 They went down the slide the right way:

 And the NOT so right way:

And then after climbing:

And bouncing:

It was time for one final perfect picture at the park:

And since I'm such an awesome auntie, when we went back for lunch I gave them each exactly what they requested:

Peanut butter and Jelly for Jaliek

Grilled Cheese for Camden

And Micky D's for Jamison.

And to make myself feel a little better for succumbing to their requests, instead of filling their growing bellies with high protein meats and leafy green veggies...I added grapes and apples...to make it a little bit healthier.

After their lunch, we played with paper airplanes, giant balloons, and tinker toys. The five of us had a blast together this weekend. And just so that you don't think that I completely left out the veggies, we made sure to include mixed vegetables with their late afternoon snack before we took them home.

Chris and I have so much fun with the kids. We want them to always enjoy themselves so that they keep wanting to come back. We work really well together, Chris will be up bright and early to get the boys (mainly Camden) who wakes up around 7am. I get to sleep later and wake up to a pot of coffee, oh, and a dirty diaper which is a treat from Jamison who is doing fabulous with daytime potty training! Chris still has diaper-phobia lol!

There was one super special little boy missing from our fun weekend.

This is my darling 7 year old nephew Xavier. Unfortunately he was unable to make it for this particular weekend, but he'll be there next time!

Hope you enjoyed hanging out with us and our boys! I sure had fun!



Christopher Duckworth said...

Probably the best kid post ever. Great job, babe!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend!! Great photos!

Heather @ A Table for Ten, Please


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