September 11, 2010

The Best of Fall Home Show

That is where we went today! Before we owned a home we would have never gone. There were so many exhibitors, such as Closets by Design who kraft beautiful closets, laundry rooms, offices etc.:

There was also Granite Transformations which Chris and I were interested in because our counter-tops are not cute. We were thinking maybe we could cover them up with granite covers for cheaper instead of purchasing an entire granite slab.  However, we found out that though granite transformations covers your current counter-top, the cost is all the same.  The difference is that GT mixes a specially formulated polymer with the natural stone causing it to be more durable. So, not sure that we'll go this route but their counter-tops and back-splashes are still beautiful!

There were cabinet companies, window companies, insulation companies, flooring companies, patio and deck companies etc!! You name it they had it.  They even had a show on how to get organized. Check out MB Organizers. Here are some ideas from them:

The one thing that really surprised my sister and I was something known as Miche Bag.

It is the most clever idea ever!! Well as far as handbags are concerned. All ladies should definitely check them out... their bags can save you money by offering an easy variety option!! The secret's in the shell...

The show was a lot of fun. It offered some great ideas, especially if you have a bunch of money! You could truly hire each person at The Best of Fall Home Show and have your house completed in a jiffy!

Unfortunately we still have not won the lottery but my motto is: What you cannot buy you can DIY!!


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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I used to love going to Home Shows too, but then the temptation to spend money was always following you around! So I haven't gone to any for about 10 years, until this Spring Sarah Richardson was the guest speaker, so I went just to see and meet her! Angie xo


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