September 30, 2010

I Want A Porch! Part 3- The Semi-Finale

As the grass became greener the plan began to develop.  What we knew for certain is that it was time to get rid of the prior owners unsightly red builders bricks. So what did we do? Head over to the giant hardware store close to our home:

Because we were building something together!!! When we got there we knew we were looking for patio pavers but it took us a while to decide on which pavers we wanted. I personally believe that there are too many to choose from, especially for an indecisive me. Fortunately, the other half of our twosome can make a decision pretty quick. So after letting me stew for about 20 minutes he made a decision:

Portage Stone it is! And there was no going back because this photo was taken from our trunk in our driveway.  The decision had been made, and what a great decision it was. Now what could make that decision extra great? Flowers!! Only it wouldn't happen that fast.

The stone sat for a day or so and we hadn't gotten around to getting the flowers. Then the next day while I was at work Chris called me to ask what type of flowers I wanted. I didn't really know, so I told him pretty ones that are colorful! I'm sure he was shaking his head thinking seriously? I was just excited that we were back in action and that he was planning ahead so that we could get down to business after work.

Then as I was pulling up to the house from work ready to meet Chris to shop, there was no need to shop because he had a little surprise for me:

Petunias, New Guinea Impatiens O MY! I was super psyched!! He had taken the day off to make the front of our house pretty! Now let me remind you how the outside of the house looked when we purchased it at the end of 2008:

 An under cared for home with a notice to cut the grass on the door. Then throughout the winter months it had turned into:

The same home only with a little TLC. Then after our labor and prep:

Here is a closer view:

And from inside the house:

Isn't is adorable!!!! Now as the title of this post notes, this is the semi-finale. Though it was the perfect little spot for Chris and me to sit and read or visit, we later realized that one day when the house is further together we'll want company. So, this past summer we began to plan for that.

So stay tuned! It may be a while but as you already know we have a lot of other projects to keep you entertained in the meantime :-)


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Laney said...

It looks great!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! You did a wonderful job and it really does add a lot of curb appeal to your house. I have never been brave enough to do something like this - thanks for the inspiration!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Hi, it is nice to meet you too! I love the stones you put down. I would love to do something like this in our back yard as you step off the deck. I didn't know they were called Portage Stones. Great job...I just love the look.

Lisa said...

I used those same stones for my fire pit in the backyard this past summer. I just love them! Your area looks fantastic.


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