July 7, 2010


Finally getting the house turned out to be quite a saga. Though it looked a bit crazy inside, we were 100% sure we wanted it and we were going to get it, so we put in an offer. I'm a bit embarrased to say that we became kind of psycho and began to stalk the house. Mind you, at the time we lived about 45 minutes from "our new home" but everyday after work we jumped in the car and drove to "our new neighborhood". Since the house was vacant we would peek through the windows and walk through the back yard, we even parked our car in the driveway and walked around "our new neighborhood" hand in hand!

You know how it's said that if you believe in something or put it out into the universe it can manifest? Well we put on a full production called Tatum and Chris Will Have The Highest Offer and Obtain This House. Though we didn't quite own it, we truly claimed it and knew in our hearts that it would work out for us. During this daily process of acting as if we lived in the neighborhood, we really got to know the neighbors. They told us that they had seen several people looking at this house but they were rooting for us! Never-mind the fact that we were crazy house stalking weirdos, but I guess they didn't notice!

Waiting to find out whether or not we won the bid on this house was absolutely unbearable because in our minds we had already moved in. Our Realtor was less than aggressive and kept forgetting to provide us with valuable information. That was definitely a lesson learned, not all Realtors are created equal. So for those of you in the home buying process, try to get a referral before you just stumble upon a Realtor like we did. Finally after about a month or so of calling our Realtor every single day (because he was rather unfocused and not nearly as eager) and waiting on pins and needles, we received the call that we had been waiting for.

Well actually Chris received the call, on my Birthday! Stay tuned to hear how telling me the news became a blubbering mess.


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