July 7, 2010

Carpets, Carpets, Carpets

Again, in a 4 year old home you just don't expect to face some of the things we faced when we looked at this house. You've seen the walls and how the little league team damaged them, now take a look at what they did to the carpet:

So needless to say we were rather disgusted when we walked inside, but at the same time somehow we were rather excited. The excitement had everything to do with the fact that we had found our neighborhood and this house had all of the rooms we were looking for.

After continuing the tour we had a pow wow and convinced ourselves that after watching so many DIY programs on HGTV and TLC that we could make this house exactly what we wanted! After-all it isn't like it required any remodeling, just some renovations and sweat equity. So we were SOLD!

Little did we know it would be a heart pounding, nerve racking process until it was official.


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Anonymous said...

The blog I've been searching for...whoa...whoa!!!! "Refreshing compared to other blog sites", says The National Enquirer. "Crisp, clean entertainment the whole family can enjoy", quotes Star Magazine. "Two thumbs up" raves Siskel & Ebert...or maybe "one thumbs up"...(isn't one of them dead?) Seriously, congratulations on your new, cool blog...I'm hooked already...your bro'-in-law...Andy

Chris said...

Nice post babe!!!


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