July 24, 2010

Paint Fun And Clean Carpets!

We had quite a lot of work ahead of us so we decided to make it fun. We knew a couple things for certain when we bought the house. The first was the paint color we wanted in the living room and dining room and the second was that we wanted Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Once the walls were all patched up it was time to sand and paint.

There was something so exciting about this process. We owned this house and we had the right to do anything to it that we wanted, so what did we do? Draw! With paint!

 This was Chris's tribute to me...what do you think? 

 Does it look like me?

We also operated on the floors to make them bearable. We went and purchased a shampooer and said a prayer that we'd be able to make a dent in how the carpet looked; at least until we could get the floors.

Here is how the water looked prior to shampooing:

and here is what it looked like after the shampooing:

Absolutely INSANE!! Fortunately for us, after a couple of rounds of shampooing and extensive use of all cleaning solutions, our house smelled sooo much better and I began to feel much more welcome. Take a look at the before and after:


1 comment:

- Brittany said...

Yuck! I get the same results from a good steam cleaning. I really need to do it more than once a year.



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