July 18, 2010

Closing Day, Moving In

Once we found out that we got the house we were well on our way to the closing process...mind you over a month later! Timing was just not on our side with this. We had hoped that the closing would have happened shortly after my birthday in September because our lease was due to be up the first week of November. We figured we'd have at least a month to transition from the condo that we were renting into the house that we had purchased. Only no, the closing didn't happen until October 30th, trick or treat night leaving us exactly 5 days to get out of our rental and move into the house. Though we were being put into a rushed situation, we couldn't believe that it was official! Remember that special little key chain from my birthday? It now had a key attached to it!!!


With 5 days to work with, the reality of what we were about to face was a bit overwhelming. Remember what it looked like?

We were initially hoping that we'd have a little less than a month to keep our belongings in the condo while we turned this place into something that humans can survive in. But no, we had a week! Not our ideal situation. So now while feeling entirely under the gun we just had to make it happen. We had to move into the horrid filth that was our fabulous new home! Chris decided to take a few days off to get our stuff moved into the house, doesn't it look cozy?

We covered the floor with plastic of course, but talk about not knowing what the next step should be. We never anticipated this. How do we clean the house with all of our stuff in it?

Chris tried his best to make the house as Tatum friendly as possible, I'm easily disgusted. I couldn't look at the walls, I couldn't walk around without shoes on, I could barely move. Unfortunately we had to still go to work, he scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom so that I would feel comfortable showering.


He even created a little spot in the upstairs bedroom (which was cleaner than the downstairs) so that I didn't have to face the rest of the house in the morning. He would say, "your coffee will be right here, just get up take a shower, have your coffee and then go right out the front door, don't look at anything."  He's so sweet and attentive to me.

Did I mention that there were no appliances? Well nothing except a broken dishwasher. We had to get bottled water and powder creamer, but it was a comforting refuge when I woke up that morning in such a foreign place. Then I went right out the door just as instructed!

Sooner or later we'd have to jump in with two feet and tackle the craziness of our new home. We were really excited to get started.


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Christopher Duckworth said...

Wow... I have almost forgotten the feeling from moving week. That was crazy!! But I did enjoy the coziness of being restricted to only 200 square feet in a 2300 square foot home. :)


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