October 10, 2011

Creepy Prius People Man!

Okay, now I love a good ad. However the ad that I saw the other day, well there are just no words for it. I was both a little grossed out and intrigued all at the same time. What company is said ad for you wonder? Toyota Prius, developed by Saatchi & Saatchi. They have had some very clever commercials in the past. The one that I am referring to now is just as clever, but it just disturbs me a bit. It's quite ingenious but also a tad creepy and odd. Take a look:

Eww! Did you see the people!!! What a creepy people man that was! Now, I do have to give this company credit for some very good ads. Here are a few more that I was quite impressed with:

It took me a while to realize what I was looking at, at first. But it surely left me with a feeling of well how about that! These are great commercials!

Here is another:

They were really onto something with the people inspired commercials. They are awe inspiring, a bit surreal and shocking to the eye. And then they went and created the creepy people man. He is a scary freakish sort that will completely weird you out if you slow motion your DVR and really analyze him. That's what I did, I was literally glued to the television.
Everything about this is wrong lol. Here is a closeup:
And check out this image!
He has giant leg lips and buggy human head eyes. NOT NORMAL by any stretch of the imagination. But I guess that was their goal. So I have to say, kudos to the advertising team for pulling off something so nightmarishly ingenious.

How they will top this, I'm almost afraid to know.



D said...

Girl, I'm with you! I hate those damn ads. How does the person who has the awesome nose position put that on his/her resume? Can you imagine trying to explain that?!

Ew. Just ew.

Noelle said...

I thought I was the only one creeped out by this commercial :), thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog too!!

DecorandtheDog said...

I had no clue. Too funny!

Anita said...

How did I miss these!

Yep, the butt as the nose is a doozie. Ugh!

Still, I understand what you mean. Hard not to watch. It's fascinating; a genious idea. Seems like a big budget to pay and train all those people, but everywhere I look, I see a Prius. So it must be working.

Fun post!

gail said...

hahaha! I am so glad you posted this. Every time I see that commercial I am curiously trying to figure out WHAT is WHAT! :)
freakishly funny ??? I like creative advertising.


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