April 17, 2011

New To Me Lamps

For the longest time we have had a Laurel and Hardy lamp situation happening in our bedroom.  We used to have matching lamps before we got the house, but when we did get the house we gained many more rooms so we had to put lamps in different areas to light other rooms. Pretty much working with what we had I often tried to overlook it; and a light is a light so I tried to tell myself that beautification was not an immediate priority. However, it bothered me often, it looked completely unfinished. Let me show you what I mean by Laurel and Hardy:

Completely unsightly! Well the other day after visiting with my mother who is recovering from knee surgery, I stopped by the local goodwill store there just to see what they had. There I stumbled upon a find and a deal that I could not pass up:

Isn't it lovely? I love the blue and the size of the shade. Oh, and there were two!
I snagged these beauties for $4.99 a piece, and the little flower jar for $.79. It was a good day I must say. Here is what the lamps look like without the shade:
And here is a closeup of the texture:
The lamps are clearly dated, you could tell by the shade which was quite yellowed and cracked. Another thing is that though I really like this blue color, I always visualized silver in our room. I have seen lamps that were silver at the Homegoods Store and Hobby Lobby, but I just wasn't quite ready to spend $30 per lamp for the ones that I wanted. So needless to say, when I purchased these two lamps for a total of $10 I had a plan in mind and it started with this:
Valspar Brilliant Metal in Silver! I soon proceeded outdoors to spray away:
And here is the finished base!
Aren't they great!!! The shades however would prove to be another challenge, stay tuned.



Karen said...

Wow I thought they looked great in blue but the silver made them look fabulous...Love!! That was a great score good luck with the shades.

Comeca Jones said...

My daughter and I read this post together and we were wowed!!!!Great job girl!!

Mac said...

These look FABULOUS! Great job! I am loving the brilliant silver finish :)

Anonymous said...

okay.. i have been eye-balling that spray paint, and wondering how good it is. i am now a BELIEVER!! WOWZA those lamps are FAB!!!!!! great find.. and love the creativity to paint them metallic instead of another color!! KUDOS girlie!!!! :)

Jenn S said...

Wow! Stunning. Love them! Great job. Can you tell I like them? :) Have a great week!

Tammy said...

I am loving your lamps!


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