March 10, 2011

Nate Show Air Date and The CW Interview!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away for awhile but I'm back! I know you've been waiting for an update for an air date and now you have it! The Nate Berkus episode that I will be on airs on March 14! Oh and guess what? Today I had an interview in my home with our local CW network regarding my experience on the show. I know!

Why the CW? Because they're the network that airs The Nate Show. Since they don't have a morning news show they are going to air the interview on their website and they even asked me to do a promo that will run on T.V. for a while after my show airs! I say something like "Be sure to watch the Nate Berkus Show weeknights at 6".

What is very amusing about this opportunity is how it transpired. To my family I'm a little celebrity so they are super excited and looking forward to taping the show. My aunt Faye however who has the DISH Network just discovered that she was unable to tape the show due to apparent 'contract negotiations' between the DISH and the CW. A few days ago she just so happened to see a television commercial that said something like 'This station will no longer be available to dish subscribers, if you want to watch this station contact this number"...I'm sure you guys have seen similar commercials before. Just so happens she calls and gets the Vice President and station General Manager. She goes on to say "I need to know how I can get this station because my niece is going to be on a 'decorators show' and I want to tape it."

This apparently peaked the interest of the VP who said to her, long story short "have your niece call me." My aunt called me, uncertain as to why the lady wanted me to call her because she was simply wanting to find out how to tape it, but I called anyway and lo and behold she thought I was story worthy!! Locally at least lol.  Talk about a serendipitous moment!

They called me on Tuesday March 8th to ask me some questions about the show and my blog and asked if they could come by on Thursday. ABSOLUTELY! I reiterated that we are still renovating and have some things complete and some things incomplete and would happily show them around. I also reiterated that the show was not about the blog as much as it was about what we are presently working on. When I saw them pull up outside of my home I was so excited and nervous! I soon calmed down because they were extremely down to earth and fun.  The interview was with our local CW Star Angie.

She was such a sweetheart and very fashion forward. I could really stand to take some fashion tips from her! The cameraman was Greg, he was very attentive and amusing. It was so much fun, we had a great time conversing and laughed a lot. The interview lasted about an hour and it was extremely comfortable.

Here are a couple photos:

So there you have it! I'll be DVRing the station consistently to see the promo because I'm crazy like that. I hope you tune in on Monday March 14th to watch the show!! I will!! albeit slightly embarrassed and hiding behind a pillow, but I'll be watching none the less!!



Amanda said...

Awesome, how fab that your aunt called up the station, she must be so proud!

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Hi Amanda! it was truly a fortunate accident. I`m so glad she had dish or this would have never happened lol. The lady was talking about the weird circumstances that led us to each other. I do feel quite blessed.

Brandi said...

How exciting Tatum!!! Love your aunt's persistence!! This is seriously like very exciting news! I will definitely be watching with popcorn in hand! : ) Congratulations!!

Mallory said...

Sorry for tricking you today on my blog! hehe ;) I'm SO excited for you! I will be DVRing it!

Daydream Living said...

Woohoo! Go Tatum!
This is too funny how things are working out. Since you quit your job, things are on the up, so good to read this. Shame I cannot see anything here.... keep us posted, bye, Maureen

Anonymous said...

oh that's just wonderful for you! congrats on your 15 minutes!! and kudos on the proactiveness of your aunt too!! :)

Tammy said...

How exciting!!

Comeca Jones said...

Lucky Yoooou~!!!I will certainly be lookin out for you!

{twenty}something said...

I am watching you right now!!!! OMG.


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