March 24, 2011

Brooklyn Home Company

Well shortly after the show on March 6th I received a call from the Nate show saying my first shipment from the Brooklyn Home Company would be arriving the next day on the 7th. She said the delivery company would give me a call to find out what a good delivery time would be. 30 minutes later I get a call from Icon X asking me when I would like them to come by tomorrow "how about between 12-4pm?" Great, all set! Naturally I think tomorrow is going to be a good day. Get up, get my coffee and get my day started. Then between noon and 4...Christmas!!

Now here is how the next day actually went. Chris gets up for work and suddenly we hear the doorbell at 7:45 am!!! As you can imagine this is quite annoying, because we're certain whoever is at the door has the wrong address. Thank goodness Chris was there because had he already left I would have just rolled over and waited for the wrong address person to leave. Chris proceeds to look out the window and there is a blue mini-van in our driveway that is still there. Clearly they have the wrong house, and they need to go away. I need my beauty rest so that I can greet the large white Icon X delivery truck this afternoon. Chris goes down to answer the door and I hear "delivery for Tatum Puryear". I'm in bed thinking, you can't be serious! Now, I am not a morning person at all unless I wake up naturally on my own or by Chris kissing me on the cheek. I really don't like being awaken by an alarm clock or by a 7:45 am courier! So much for the joy of my afternoon delivery.

Chris opens the garage so that the guy can put everything in the garage as he continues to get ready for work. I get up and proceed downstairs to supervise and the guy says good morning. Through the morning fog that I'm in I reply, "I thought you were coming between noon and 4pm." He shows me the packing slip that said 9am (which is still better than 7:45!), with a line through it and noon - 4pm written below it! Clearly he missed that obvious part. After he unloads all of the items I thank him, wish him a safe trip back then he leaves. I kiss Chris goodbye and try to accept the fact that dreamland is gone. Naturally, I am not ready to go through all of those boxes that early, so there they sat in the garage:
After I took a nap to make up for lost sleep and got moving, the excitement that I was supposed to be feeling around noon arrived and I moved the packages into the house:

I was thinking, man this is a lot of stuff! I couldn't remember everything from the vignette so I was quite anxious to see what I had.

Given that all this room had seen was paint, it was time for a little something extra. Around 8pm, I was ready to jump right in! Everything was so intricately bubble wrapped that it took quit a while to open. So after a little of this:

And this:

I was able to jump for joy over all of the things that I now remember from the taping!

After opening everything I began to realize how grateful I am to have so much decor!! That is one thing that we were lacking that can be used throughout the house. Not to mention the whites and creams pop against the brown paint color in the family room. Most of what I received was from West Elm and Pottery Barn which was a double plus. I would never spend $30 on a single pillow, vase or frame! We really received some quality things that we may have wanted, but never would have paid for in these particular stores unless they were on sale. I look forward to hanging the shelves and finding the perfect home for all of these decorative elements. And here is the carnage that made it's way to the curb:

What a good day! It's like Chris and I received a bunch of wedding gifts without even registering! Yay!



tale of many cities said...

how exciting! and that IS a great lot of goodies!! :)

Sarah, Three Boys said...

How exciting! Totally agree with you about the early wake up call:) Can't wait to see them all put together!!

Karen said...

You got some beautiful things, congratulations Tatum I'm so happy for you!!!

Yetunde said...

Congrats how exciting! We should all be so lucky lol

Brandi said...

Wow everything looks so nice! You really got some awesome gifts! Have fun decorating!!

Danica said...

How exciting! Have fun decorating!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow how exciting. You hit the jackpot. I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!

Tonya said...

and you deserve each and every piece!!



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