March 14, 2011

Brace Face!

Never quite applied to me in my childhood though it probably should have. I was one of the many in my family blessed with the "Puryear Gap" in my teeth but I never really let it bother me. By the time I started college I recall my dad calling me to tell me that he, my middle sister and my baby brother were getting braces and he asked if I wanted to get braces as well...  ABSOLUTELY NOT! I had just moved away, started school, got a full time job...the last thing I wanted was braces. After all the gap in my teeth was not that bad. I figured I'd get braces sooner or later.  Take a look at this:
Sexy huh? It's a 'rough' molding of my teeth! At least the middle part is. The rest is extra cement stull lol. I have a perfect bite everywhere except for the first 4 teeth. Here is another view with my jaws ripped apart:

And this is a wax up of my teeth!

This is what my teeth are supposed to look like with braces on the front 4. Could I have gotten a mouthful of braces? Yeah if I wanted to spend a ton more money! However, this was an option that the ortho thought would get me close to the results that I want and with a cost that works with me and Chris's budget! And that will work for me until I'm ready for a full mouth of metal. Not to mention, this is supposed to only take about 4 more than 6! Here is a side by side comparison:

A definite difference! Here is a snazzy t-shirt that I received from them:
And this is............

ME!!!! What's even better is that they will take them off so that my wedding pictures are metal mouth free! Personally, I think I make braces look gooooooood. Gotta run now, chap stick and ibuprofen are calling my name!



Comeca Jones said...

Ahhhh (smile)

Brandi said...

Wow only 4-6 months that's ahhmazing!!! That's great that they can take them off for your wedding pictures! You have such a contagious smile! : )

Anonymous said...

Nice :D
My 11 yr old son just got braces (on just the top teeth for now)..and I'm sure he can feel your pain, he was pretty sore the first week. He ate lots of soup and mashed potatoes! Glad you can save some money only having to do 4 teeth. Braces are EXPENSIVE!

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies :-) Makes me feel better!

Heather: Your poor son, thanks for the advice! Soup and Mashed potatoes here I come.

Trina said...

Ahhh... the braces woes (and wars)!!! As an adult with braces, I am definitely counting down to the time when I will no longer look like a prepubescent pimply faced teen with a metal rack in her mouth! I can't wait until people replace the phrase "How old are you? You look so young, maybe its the braces" to "You have such a beautiful smile!" Alas, I must offer some encouragement to a fellow braces wearer; You definitely make those braces look GOOD!!!

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Trina! when do you get your braces off? I saw you had them at the Christmas party but didn't want to annoy you by asking about them. It is a bit weird having braces but I'm glad to have finally took the step. And I think you already have a beautiful smile!! Thanks for the encouragement!


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