February 13, 2011

Baby Door

Have you heard of that before? A baby door? I'm sure you have, isn't it one of the many things that new parents purchase to keep their kiddos safe and sound? Don't you use a baby door to keep the child from falling down the stairs? Still doesn't ring a bell? Oh I  know what you're thinking, that I'm confused. You think I mean a baby gate which looks like this:

Or even better this one that keeps the baby in their room:

This is what you think I mean right. Well no, I mean a baby door. Surely I can't be the only homeowner who moved into a house with a baby door, that would just be bizarre. I'm sure they exist everywhere, take a look, you tell me. Haven't you seen one of these before?

Maybe you'll recognize it more from this angle:

See, it's a baby door. I'm sure they sell these everywhere. They even have binky holders:

And what's even better is that these baby doors look identical to our full size doors! Man what a perk if we had a baby. This baby door just so happens to be the door that leads into Chris's office.

An office that still looks a bit like a nursery, but will be getting a makeover in due time. Fortunately he's able to focus without letting the neon green distract him. He's such a trooper!

So for all of you uniformed parents out there, apparently baby doors are the in thing!! All you need is a pair of bolt cutters and you can make your own! Yep...I know what you're thinking, the prior owners hooked us up before they left!



Tammy said...

That's awesome!!!! LoL I want one!

Danica said...

Interesting. I have never seen that before!

Jen said...

You have got to love previous homeowners. If not for their quirks, you would never have the motivation to spend all your money and time making a new house your own ;o)

Allison said...

Wow... Just wow.

Brandi said...

bwahaha!!!! Tatum this post really cracked me up! Seriously Tatum, who does that?!?!

Pamela said...

Too too funny!

Anonymous said...

lmao...omg who lived there prior to you? i love seeing all the changes your making, just remember to have a house warming party when it's all over so i can see it in person!


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