January 4, 2011

Yay Magnets!

That's what my 2 year old nephew Jamison would say. Remember the magnetic chalkboard I made? well we saw the chalk work but had not tested out the magnets? Now it's time to see if it's magnetic...wait, I don't have magnets!! Crap!...Hey what is that?

An old ugly dry erase board! There was a time when I loved this board, a few years ago to be exact. Every morning when I would wake up for work Chris would have a new drawing on the board for me that would just make my day! I'll post about them as soon as I get the images saved. But now, this little blue board has seen it's final days. Fortunately it was a donor:

I think it knew that it's well functioning magnets would serve a purpose one day. Must remove magnets...scalpel!

After scraping off as much of that paper as I could from the magnets and cutting the magnets in half lengthwise so that I'd have at least four, we were in business. Only now they were just magnets...unsightly magnets. Enter fabric:

I purchased these quarter panels at Jo-Ann Fabric this past summer to fix a dress that I bought. I'll show that to you someday too. Due to my indecisiveness I had so much fabric left, so I grabbed it and proceeded to give those unattractive magnets a feminine touch:

And they stuck! The magnetic chalkboard is a success.

And when not in frames, this is where my adorable little guys photos will dwell. Ohhh happy day.


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Brandi said...

what a neat idea! adorable children!

Jen said...

Great idea, especially with using what you had! Thanks for linking up to Fantastic Friday. I hope that you will come and share more with us tomorrow!


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