December 4, 2010

What Is Cubicology?

I created this blog to talk about my moments; some (not all) of the things that play a part in my life. After having entered blogland I've been so inundated with the joy that I get from this blog, and so inspired by the creativity of the many other bloggers. With that being said, I've kind of neglected one section majorly, Cubicology. I had every intention of continuously working on this section but I've neglected it because it's not a real positive thing in my world. In fact it's the one and only negative in my life. So though it remained there as a tab:

the thought of writing in that section just gave me the blues. Oprah and Dr. Phil would say to get rid of the negative energy in your life, and unfortunately I'm surrounded by it for about 8 hours 5 days a week.

I haven't written much about Cubicology because it's not a happy place right now and do I really want to bring a negative light into my happy blog world? The thing is however, I need to be authentic and Cubicology is part of my world. Not sure how long I will keep Cubicology around for the simple fact that it was spurred by one black hole in my life. So until I rid myself of that,  I'm jumping in full a mechanism to vent.

What is Cubicology? It's the study of cubicle dwellers. Well, that's the definition that I'm giving it.

Yep these guys

 I'm somewhere in the back of this room doing this:

So now that you understand what Cubicology is you should know that I will use this portal to post some of the antics, stupid office quirks and cubicle encounters of the lowly and frustrated.

So for those of you who are more familiar with my happy goofy fun loving self. Please note, this section makes me angry...kind of. You won't like me when I'm angry (Quote: The Incredible Hulk). Or, maybe you will; after all I am multidimensional. Hope you'll come back!


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Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I hear you! I am also a cubicle dweller. I work from home a lot but when I am in the office, I am in a sad grey cube- 8 days a week and I don't even want to say the amount of hours because it just depresses me. I would love to learn more about your study : ) And the head banging the desk...One of the fav emoticons around my office which we share on instant messaging. lol


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