May 8, 2013


Wow, I really didn't think it would be this long. I just can't do both, successfully at least. Thank goodness maintaining this blog is not a money making gig because I would be broke right about now. I've been thinking about this blogging thing for some time now and part of me thinks that I should just retire it. I enjoyed when I had time to write, but lately it seems like a task that is lingering over me like another thing "to do" which takes the fun out of it. What is even greater is that I am enjoying being a mom so much that sometimes I don't miss blogging...and then I do again. Like now, just as I write this I miss it. I especially hate not keeping up with my blog buddies and all of their amazing crafty creations, recipes and renovations. 

Well, I'd love to keep on going but I have stuff to do! Starting with bathing my little 9mth old :-) Yep she is 9 months old today....and walking!! She started walking a week ago in her 8th month. We have a little milestone maven on our hands, she does everything earlier than average. Maybe one day I will find time to post photos and video.

Until then...


Anita said...

Motherhood does change your life, and changes your marriage, too. I totally get the back seat position of your blog. I remember being so into watching "A Baby Story" on TV when I was pregnant and even after having my babies; sitting on the sofa, breastfeeding, watching babies being born. Eventually, I stopped watching, even though I find childbirth one of the most fascinating things in life.
I went through other stages, too, like not liking to dress up-just wanting to be comfortable in shorts and t-shirts.
Stages and phases of life will continue to change. I'm beginning to feel more and more interested in things that have nothing to do with being a mother, or wife for that matter, though of course, I love my family dearly.
I'm rambling...time to go to bed!
Just checking in to say hello. Enjoy being a mom and do the things that make you happy and that add to the peace and contentment of home, family, and YOURSELF!

Renae said...

Being a mom changes EVERYTHING..I just found your blog and I have been enjoying it so far. Hopefully you will pick it back up soon.

Anita said...

Happy new Year to You and Your Family!


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